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Sewage Backup Cleanup

Sewage backup damage can be an extremely serious problem, especially when the sewage water leaks inside of your home or business. When sewage water backs up, it can harmful because it contains fungi and bacteria and can cause severe sickness or discomfort. Sewage backup can contain certain bio-hazards that can be spread to others through skin contact and inhalation. Continuous exposure to the backup of your sewage system can lead to various health issues such as Hepatitis, Dermatitis, Legionnaires Disease, Asthma, and possibly infections of the skin or eyes. Proper sewage backup cleanup procedures are required to return your home or place of business into a safe, usable place to live or work.

Sewage backup problems can happen at your home or place of business a number of ways. A sewage problem that is backed up via a broken sewer main, a flood or an overflowing toilet can lead to a smelly bio-hazard mess. Our IICRC certified technicians have been specifically trained in sewage backup cleanup to extract, remove and properly dispose of any porous materials such as bedding and furniture where the sewage water has been absorbed. If items in your home or place of business are considered to be non porous, our IICRC certified technicians will clean them using our Eco friendly microbials and bio-sides to clean the entire area. Once the sewage backup cleanup has been done, an air mover will be brought in to help get rid of the moist air around your home or place of business. R&R Environmental sewage backup cleanup procedures can and will include using disinfectants that are further approved through the IICRC so that you can be sure that your home or place of business is safe to inhabit once again. Contact R&R Environmental to find out how they can help you with your sewage backup cleanup.