Sanitation Disinfection

Sanitation Disinfection Information

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Sanitation Disinfection

Sanitation disinfection is a type of biohazard cleaning for your home or place of business that requires you to hire a professional company like R&R Environmental Services to clean up a neglected or abandoned home or place of business where bacteria, rot, mold or toxins have taken over. Federal law requires the proper removal and disposal of all bio hazardous materials. R&R Environmental Services follows all national standards when removing and handling biohazardous materials. R&R Environmental Services has all of the tools and disposal equipment needed to adhere to with the national safety laws.

Once R&R Environmental Services removes all of the biohazardous materials, we will wash all hard surfaces such as the interior wall cavities and concrete slabs with anti-microbial products. The residue from this biohazard cleanup will be immediately extracted into a recovery tank that is located in our bio cleaning trucks, where it will be sent away for proper disposal. R&R Environmental Services technicians are well trained in all cleaning and decontamination procedures. If you are in need of sanitation disinfection specialists in your area, contact R&R Environmental Services to get more information about sanitation disinfection services for home or place of business.