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Hazmat Cleanup

Hazmat Cleanup is considered to be the removal of biological and chemical toxins that can be harmful and unhealthy to the environment. A hazmat cleanup can reduce the risk of exposure to biological and chemical toxins that could otherwise pose a potential health risk. Hazmat cleanup can consist of many categories including blood and blood products, body fluids and tissues, trauma scene and serious injury bio-hazard debris, animal waste, and any other hazmat wastes that can result in harmful and unhealthy conditions.

R&R Environmental Services can help remove and clean up any hazmat waste in your home or place of business. R&R Environmental Services will have certified technicians that are trained to safely remove hazmat substances and dispose of them properly according to the guidelines of OSHA and any other federal health regulations. R&R Environmental Services will have the required equipment and necessary chemicals that would be needed for a hazmat waste cleanup. By using R&R Environmental Service, you can be rest assured that the job is going to be done properly and that there will be no risk to anyone involved in the process. Contact R&R Environmental Services for all of your hazmat cleanup needs.